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A couple of questions

Hey, brand new member here looking for some advice or leads on a couple of topics.

1) I managed to prevent my flatmate from throwing away a huge pile of old vests today, because throwing clothes away makes me shudder. He is a very big guy and I am a very small woman, and they are old and manky and I really don't think any charity shop would have a use for them. Any suggestions of anything I can do with them, other than rip them up for rags?

2) New Year's resolution -- get more exercise. One of my favourite forms is swimming but I don't currently have a swimsuit. I know sportswear companies are as likely as any large corporation to have their products being made in unthinkable conditions by small children, so I went on some websearches to try and find swimwear from companies promising that this not be the case... to no avail. So... anyone know any UK-based ethical companies, including online ones, that do swimwear?

Thanks in advance!
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