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Reneawable energy Updates

It is now two years since I started giving serious consideration to generating a proportion of my electricity requirements from renewable means. While conventional accuntants may throw up hands in horror at the ration of up front costs to the present value of the electricity produced, I would counter that no other applaince in my house actually saves me money, or replaces something I wuld other wise buy in.

The first three months were where the serious learning took place, as the winter showed up any errors in the initial assumptions without mercy, and after limping through the three mid winter months (I commissioned it early in December 2004) it was rebuilt substantially in March 2005.

The system was fairly good during the first summer, nut it was on the limit with a bare minimum of storage and collector area. Since spending more money on extra batteries and PV panels around this time last year it staggered through mid winter still keeping the lights on and since mid march it has kicked ass. There have been very few days, single figures in fact, when the system has failed to cover my basic needs.

The daily update can be read over on , and there is also now a website brining other renewable generators together,

. From two systems, the Green_power_gen has grown to at least five.
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