FilthyMacNasty (momentsmusicaux) wrote in ethical_living,

Spare parts

I have just written the following to BHS:

I have a BHS anglepoise-style desk lamp that I bought in London sometimes around 1992.
Last week it was knocked off its stand, and the bulb holder broke.
The rest of the lamp is in perfect working order, so I'd rather repair it than throw it away.
Please could you tell me how I can obtain a spare part for it?

I wonder, what should my next course of action be when they inevitably tell me I'm crackers for wanting to fix something that's as old as 14 years?

I really don't want to dump a perfectly good lamp into landfill, and the desk lamps I see for sale these days are rubbish. Should I take it back to the store and demand that they take charge of recycling it?

What can we do as consumers to force manufacturers and retailers to consider the full lifecycle of a product, and not just take our money and run?
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